Women Build

Building Homes

Women Build introduces women to home construction and through mentorship and training, encourages women to assume leadership roles on the construction site. Women learn and extend their home building and leadership skills on a Women Build sponsored home. The funds needed to construct Women Build homes are raised through annual fundraising events and campaigns. Whether building or fundraising, women from all walks of life come together to build affordable homes for families to purchase.

Inspiring Hope

The Habitat Home Ownership Program helps families break the cycle of poverty by providing alternatives to the challenges of unaffordable and inadequate shelter. After a rigorous selection process, qualifying families are welcomed into partnership and their hope for a better future is born. After completing 500 sweat equity (volunteer) hours, they purchase their homes with a no money down, interest free mortgage with payments geared to income rather than property value. When families receive the keys to their sponsored homes, they are overjoyed.  They know their hopes and dreams for the future will be more attainable and their families will thrive.

Empowering Women

Women Build volunteers feel empowered by being part of a movement that is improving lives. Each dollar raised and every nail hammered makes an impact! Women Build offers volunteers the ability to learn about home building, provides great networking opportunities, fosters teamwork and develops leadership skills.

Want to make an impact?

Call Margaret at 204-717-0602 to hear how women can work together in Brandon to make a difference.

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